brief morning musings

So, about that challenge I issued… Ann’s been doing great. She’s really put an effort into avoiding her kryptonite – sweet tea. Me? I’ve crashed and burned several times. I’m finding the nightly glass of wine to be a more deeply-ingrained habit than I’d like. I have many deep thoughts on women and alcohol, the rise of rosé culture, wine moms, and the like. But I’m only halfway through my first cup of coffee of the day, so now is not the time for them.

I’m starting my day with a yoga practice, and may end it with one, too. I need a new evening ritual. A new, better, healthier habit to replace the old. Perhaps this is it.


Breaking Through the Funk

After a weekend of being in a funk I decided that today I would go to the gym, no matter how I felt! I needed to get out of the house, and I needed to get some adrenaline going.

We accomplished all I had assigned for school (I homeschool my 13 yos). We had watched the solar eclipse, 75% blockage in our location. I had fixed a decent lunch, and cleaned up the kitchen. I had knocked off all the “have to do’s” for the afternoon, and decided it was “now or never”. I made it NOW, and put my socks and shoes on, said good-bye and headed to the gym. I was feeling okay, not great but not terrible, either.

I’m limited in what I can do at the gym right now because of a shoulder injury that happened more than six months ago, but the thing I was told to do every time I go to the gym is the hand cycle. It is basically a bicycle that you turn with your arms/hands. I’ve been doing it every time I go to the gym but I have been discouraged because my shoulder always hurt while I was doing it. However, today while I was using the hand cycle I realized I DID NOT HURT!! Finally, I am seeing some real progress!! I did my ten minute session and was surprised that it didn’t hurt the entire time!!

I then moved to the seated elliptical, which I didn’t know even existed until a friend mentioned it. Basically, it’s an elliptical machine that you can sit on, making it possible to only do legs or arms! I sat down and set the timer for 20 minutes and started pumping my legs!! It felt so good to start a real sweat!!

Maybe next time I go to the gym, which I intend to be tomorrow, I will try to use the hand  cycle with some resistance or go 15 minutes! I also want to try to do 30 minutes on the seated elliptical!

Progress feels so good!!



The Funk

Monday night we came to a mutual decision to give up our vices for a month. We both knew what we needed to give up to help us along the way in our journey.

Mine used to be Coke, but I gave that up nearly two years ago and haven’t looked back but over the past year or so I have picked up the habit of sweetened tea. I live in the south where iced tea is served in every restaurant and sweet tea is as common as soda! Drinking sweet tea is just too much for me, but drinking unsweet tea is boring, IMHO. To make up for the boring, but not drink complete sweet tea I opted for what I called “half and half” tea. But in reality most times the tea would end up being 90% sweet and 10% unsweet. Did I do anything about it? Heck no!! I just kept drinking it and enjoying the sweetness. But the reality is I knew I needed to kick the habit, but didn’t want to.

Cut to Monday night….”Let’s give up our vice for the next month, mk?” Um…..”sure, I can do it if you can do it!” I’ve learned enough about myself over the past 50+ years that I’m not really a “half way girl”, but more a “all or nothing girl”. I’m that way with more than I’d like to admit, but I am willing to admit it in this case!


I  had a really great day on Tuesday! I didn’t really crave the sweetened tea. I went to the gym and did a nice workout. Wednesday was a crazy day but I went to the gym again and stayed away from the sweet tea, although I did think about it at dinner with a friend. Thursday was a therapy day for me. I had several appointments and was gone nearly the entire day! I successfully avoided drinking sweetened tea again! I was darn proud of myself! Friday afternoon, I started wanting sweetened tea so much I actually ordered it but changed my order before they could make it sweet tea. Later in the afternoon, I headed to the gym and started feeling nauseated, so I ended up skipping my workout and came home to rest the remainder of the day! Today, I have felt like garbage!! I have done very little the entire day, except fix lunch!

Am I in detox from the sweetened tea? That’s my guess!! I just have to stay strong for the next few days and resist the temptation to order sweet tea when we go to lunch tomorrow! And I need to get my big arse to the gym again, but only if I can manage to get there and back without feeling sick!

Challenges that make me stronger are good for me, right??!!!



arrivederci vino

This morning I flippantly offered Ann a challenge: she give up sweet tea for thirty days and I’d give up wine.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

And then she agreed.

So now it’s eight in the evening, and I’m heading into the kitchen to make myself a cup of herbal tea.

Accountability rules.

Or blows.

It all depends on your attitude.

Accountability is Key!

Today I sent the following text to Kay: Remind me why I should go to the gym today! It’s been one “those” days!

Even as I sent the text I knew that I would be going to the gym but I really needed someone to remind me why it would be a good idea, when all I wanted to do is drown myself in sweet tea and chips and salsa or fries, or some kind of candy!

A few minutes later I received this text: Then for your sanity alone, you should go. You’ll feel better. And you won’t have to ‘fess up on the blog.

Um…yep, that would be the truth!! So I ran a quick errand and went to the gym!! Granted, I didn’t do much….10 (painful) minutes on the hand cycle and 45 wall/ball squats, but the truth of the matter is I did feel better when I left!!

And I can say I went to the gym!! TWO DAYS IN A ROW, thankyouverymuch!!

Then instead of stopping to get tea I continued drinking my water and went home for a nice, simple home-cooked dinner!! Win-win!!

Accountability is key to making this journey work for me!! I’m also well on the way to reaching my step goal of 7,000 steps for today! Yay for accountability!! Thanks for the pep talk, Kay!! I needed it!!


level 0

I’ve fought this battle before. Many, many times. But there was a time, not so long ago, when I thought I had emerged victorious. I was at a healthy weight, I had healthy habits, and I knew – I just knew – that I could keep it up. I was an after story.

What happened? Life happened. But not the fun kind of life. Not the mundane kind, either. It was the kind of life that shoves you to the ground, then kicks you while you’re down. Three years of anxiety and uncertainty, stops and starts, and near-constant stress. Also three years of eating for comfort and seeking solace in a wine glass. Three years and thirty pounds.

I’ve had successes in those three years. It hasn’t all been sitting on my can eating chips and dip. But I haven’t been able to string those successes together and make them habit.

That’s where this blog and my friendship with Ann come in. Regaining your health and fitness is too big a thing to accomplish on your own. You need a cheerleader and a coach and a shrink. You need someone who’s got your back. This blog is a forum for us to celebrate our efforts, push each other to keep going, and hash out all the messy stuff beneath the surface. It’s where we hold each other accountable and start building the skills we need to take ourselves to the next level.

Right now I’d say I’m at level 0. The only place to go is up.


Starting From Scratch

We are here to give ourselves a place to be accountable for our health and fitness journey. We have both lost our mojo and are going to be working to get it back.

I will be starting from the place of being injured and unable to most of what I want to be able to do BUT I must do something!! I NEED it for my sanity, if for no other reason. I have a long way to go, so I feel as though I am starting from scratch!!

Some of the posts will be nothing more than a place to say I worked out today! Some of the posts will be more! But it will definitely be a place to be accountable!!